Freedom runner

Freedom Runner is a global campaign launched for the first time during ICSW and its goal is to make a global network of runners that would spread the notion of freedom. Every kilometer ran is dedicated to those who do not have a voice, to those who are oppressed and restrained. Marija Lukic, a woman from the city of Brus in Serbia, who was employed in local municipality government office, was sexually harassed by her superior, the president of the municipality of Brus and a member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, Milutin Jelacic Jutka. When she filed the case and sued him, there was no reaction from the authorities because Jutka was the most powerful person in Brus, and very well connected to the top of the government. The court even rejected the similar charges of other women who sued him. Marija did not want to remain silent despite the pressures she had experienced, such as the closing of her husband’s private business, threats that she will lose her job and media mud through which she was dragged. Marija alerted the public by writing to all relevant CSOs, media and institutions, and also spoke loudly about what happened to her in the hope that it will not happen to anyone anymore, or at least not go unpunished.