Oplaneti se

Ecological series Oplaneti about talking about živoynoj middle, recycling, environmental protection, tame and wild dumps. We’ll have you interview with a retired teacher from Kragujevac who built the house of PET packaging, you will see and Pancevo, the most polluted city in this part of Europe (refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizer factory). And leaving the Vukomerić near Zagreb, where the recycled farm. Perma culture in application, biodiesel as fuel, construction of houses of baled food, unsprayed fruit, solar panels, windmills … We represent you and Milos Tomic, a moviemaker who collects waste (rubber bands for the jars, chewing gum, punctured balloons) from the asphalt and exhibits it as a work of art. The man who for six months, gathered all their inorganic trash will remain unaware. Artist Nenad Johnny Racković will explain how to recycle himself.