Romans, Wine and Danube

  All videos for Roman Emperors route. The Roman Emperors Route and Danube Wine Route are a series of archaeological sites and vineyards that tell the story of the expansion and defence of the Roman Empire on its northern Danube frontier. The geographical coverage of the Route themes encompasses a central axis along the Danube Corridor which is anchored in the west by the Adriatic coast and in the east by the Black Sea and delta of the Danube.


We’ve been travelling the 2.860 km long route along the Danube by using only sustainable means of transport such as busses, trains, ships and bikes. We encompassed 9 countries and visited more than 15 regions and cities in 22 days – always with sustainable means of transport. The videos show the beautiful regions along the Danube – from the source of the river in Donaueschingen, to the mouth in the Danube Delta where the Danube enters the Black Sea. So start travelling the Danube sustainably – NOW! In 4 episodes! 01 02 03 04

Tito in Africa

Museum of Yugoslavia called us to produce video art for they exibiton “Tito in Africa – pictures of solidarity”.

Tutoring in Serbia, see you at school!

TUTORING SERBIA is a program designed to prevent early school leaving, realized together with the primary schools and local communities of Bela Palanka, Knjaževac, Prokuplje and Raška. The schools participating in the program wish to acquire the best conditions for education and children’s progress, better cooperation with the parents and a leading role in education.

Open data for open society

How to ensure that the information collected and produced by institutions is standardized and accessible to the public? How to present this information to enable easy understanding and analysis?