Open data for open society

How to ensure that the information collected and produced by institutions is standardized and accessible to the public? How to present this information to enable easy understanding and analysis?


Since December 2015, on a weekly basis , as executive producer , participate in the production of TV shows Istinomer editions . More in the works / recent

Kaži ti

We participated in the production of the series which follows the work of a group of young people who decided to record their peers and fellow citizens in activities that they see as important. #SamoKazem #KaziTi


We are preparing a documentary about the political system in Serbia. His predecessor consists of five episodes. Enjoy the Poslanici

Women body building

For VICE we investigated the death of a female body-building in Serbia. The film , directed by Dusan Cavic and Dusan Šaponje reveals that ass beat muscles.

A Good Sign

At a time when everyone has less and less , some people collect funds and resources to society and the community have been better , and some others to help them in this. It works. Giving the community to become better and better . Everything happens in the region, almost completely out of the state system. Enjoy the party .