We are preparing a documentary about the political system in Serbia. His predecessor consists of five episodes. Enjoy the Poslanici

Women body building

For VICE we investigated the death of a female body-building in Serbia. The film , directed by Dusan Cavic and Dusan Šaponje reveals that ass beat muscles.

A Good Sign

At a time when everyone has less and less , some people collect funds and resources to society and the community have been better , and some others to help them in this. It works. Giving the community to become better and better . Everything happens in the region, almost completely out of the state system. Enjoy the party .

Creating a new world

How volunteers who have the May 2014 floods motivated to help others experience their engagement. Fond B92 , 10 video clips . Creating a new world.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Re : Generation is a space for young people from across the region that allows them to talk about themselves and their desires , problems and hopes … We have produced over 130 clips in which young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia , Serbia and Kosovo talking about all this . You can view them here

Erste Bank

Erste Bank asked us to find out where actually live steam. Meanwhile we learn what a talent for money and what is the average balance of the citizens . We realized that no money that can not be spent .

Total Blackdown

Ciklotron in co-production with the Society for the promotion and popularization of science is preparing a scientific lecture series “Total solar eclipse ” . The series will deal with the discovery of quasi scientific phenomena that media happy to promote . The first episode is devoted to the so-called . people magnets

Lice Ulice

Lice Ulice is not just a street newspaper, Lice Ulice platform and framework for the appearance of people who are otherwise invisible in our society. We present you a platform that brings together those who point to problems and ways to solve them .

Shop & Go

In the next few months all the Mini Maxi stores will change the appearance of the buildings, offer them, and the name itself – will become the Shop & Go stores. The biggest change for those who live in the immediate vicinity of what is coming at them – fresh meat. For a company Delhaize, we have produced a video about the opening of the first of them.