Greetings from Serbia

Today, mini-fights of activists take place almost every day throughout Serbia. In fact, ordinary citizens gathered in formal and informal associations who unite in an attempt to show the authorities and the public the degree of endangerment of water, air and the country in which we live. If you park your car next to the Ironworks in Smederevo, the next day it will be completely covered with red steel dust, and it has been like that for years. Dirty lignite is fired in thermal power plants. Industrial plants rarely meet the standards. Dangerous substances are emitted into the air every day. Mountain rivers are mortgaged in order to be implemented in pipes from which we would receive minor amounts of energy. Wastewater drains from communal landfills ends up in the largest rivers. Forests are being cut down unplanned and illegally. Legal procedures for the construction of new industrial plants are not followed. Green areas in cities are being asphalted. Citizens are protesting. We live in a time when it seems that the interest of capital is ahead of the interests of citizens, nature and the protection of the environment in which we all live. Is there any hope?

Our video work “Greetings from Serbia” was shown as part of the exhibition Overview effect at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade in 2021.